The best way to lower your chances of getting lung cancer is to quit smoking.

While LDCT screening can reduce your chances of dying from lung cancer, a far more effective means of reducing your chances of dying from lung cancer is to stop smoking if you currently smoke. This is difficult, but it can be done. To stop smoking, you need to overcome both the nicotine cravings, as well as a deeply ingrained habit. Many people cite "stress" as a reason they do not choose to try and quit. Stress is a part of every day life for most people, and waiting for stress to "go away" before doing something beneficial for your health is a recipe for failure. We must learn different ways to cope with stress, and talking with your doctor about your sources of stress is a good start. There are many resources out there that can help you quit, and some will provide you FDA approved smoking cessation aids for free, or at a greatly reduced prices. Here are just a few:

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Radon is another preventable risk factor for lung cancer. Learn how you can reduce your risk at: